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We offer a partial and complete rewiring service in Birmingham and Nottingham. To get in touch, please use the contact details below.

Electrical rewiring

Electrical wires can often become damaged and suffer from deterioration with age. Our electricians can carry out a complete or partial rewiring of your property. This includes the rewiring of cables, fixtures, fittings, the consumer unit and relevant earthing arrangements. Our electricians will carry out all rewiring to IEE standards and meet all the relevant safety regulations. 

Is your property due an electrical rewire?

There's a couple of signs to look out for...

How old is your property

If your property was built before the mid-1980's, it's highly likely that the builders made no use of earth cables. Earth cables are used to stop electrical shocks in the event of an electrical overload; properties without earth cables can be highly susceptible to damage during a power cut. Additionally, properties built before the 1980's typically used aluminium as opposed to copper in electrical wiring, which is significantly more likely to catch fire. 

Take a look at your consumer unit

On the fuse box/consumer unit, there should be a date that shows when the electrics were installed. As above, if the date shown says that all electrics were installed before the mid-1980's, it might be preferable to give us a call so we can make sure all of your electrics are safe. Please bare in mind that the date shown doesn't show if an electrical rewire has already been undertaken, but still, it's best to make sure!

Rewiring survey

This is the easiest way to determine whether or not your property needs a partial or complete electrical rewire. Our electricians can carry out a free survey and talk you through the costings involved!

Contact us for an electrical rewire

To get in touch with our electricians, you can fill out our contact form or give our Nottingham-based electricians a call on 0115 6980911 or our Birmingham-based electricians a call on 0121 7240474. We'll look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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